How To Earn Money From Dream11? | Real Or Scam?

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The most popular sports game in India is undoubted, and that is cricket. The majority of us love playing and watching cricket. India has always been a very good cheerleader of cricket, and people are crazy about the game here. So, have you ever thought of a way of making money by playing a cricket game on your smartphones? One such cricket game is Dream11. Sounds crazy, but it is the truth, and I will tell you how to earn money from Dream11?

Dream 11 has got a lot of popularity in a very short period and has been very popular among cricket lovers. It has been the biggest fantasy cricket sports game in India. It was the IPL, during which this app came into notice of every cricket lover, and they started installing and playing it to earn money. If you also love cricket and you haven’t heard of this game till now, download it, and then you will know what you were missing all this time.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to earn money from Dream11? It is very easy, and if you are a cricket fan, this will be a more fun process to earn money. So, this time when you watch a cricket match, you will know of a trick to earn money while you are watching the match. But you need to be very careful while playing this game, read the full article to know the most appropriate way to earn money.

How to play Dream11? How to earn money from Dream11?

How to earn money from Dream11?

To first address your queries on how to earn money from Dream11? You need to install the Dream11 app on your phone from the play store or app store, and you should log in to the game. Now, here are certain steps you need to follow to play the Dream11 game and earn money.

  1. Select any Match: You will see the matches happening today and tomorrow on your home screen, select any of the matches that are going on, and you must have a good understanding of the players who are playing those matches. Before selecting the match, you have to make sure that you know all the players who are playing the match.
  2. Creating Your Team: Now, the next thing you want to do is create your team and this where the knowledge of your favourite sport, cricket, will play its role. To win and earn money from this app, you need to be very careful about picking the players while creating your team. You have to select 11 players consisting of the batters, bowlers, wicketkeepers and all-rounders from the 100 credits you get when you play the game.

The team which you will create here will either make you win the game or lose. Winning the game is very important if you want to earn money. To be extra sure about the players you are picking up, you can check the player’s stats by clicking on their pictures. So, once you are sure about the players and chosen them, you will have to decide the caption and vice-caption. The work is completed here, and eventually, your team will be ready to play the game.

  1. Joining any league/contest: After your team is created, you have to join any league or contest that is going on. The main point here is you have to join any match that is going on and play it. You have to pay at least ten rupees to enter any match or to join any contest. No matter if you are of which age group, you can play and make money from it. The team which has got the highest points wins the contest and the money. There are so many contests going on at once, and if you lose one, you still will have many options to be back on the game. There is a winner for every match played on the app, and the score resets only when the whole game concludes.
  2. Tracking the match scores: Keeping an eye on the match and following its progress has to play a very important role in all this. This is the best part about this game, and once you have selected the team and joined the contest, you have to sit back and cheer for your players. You need to keep track of the scorecard of your favourite players. If everything goes in your favour, you will win the cash. So, by now, you must have a clear answer to your question on how to earn money from Dream11?

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How Dream11 Earns Money?

How to earn money from Dream11?

As you know, you have to pay a minimum of 10 rupees as an entry fee to enter/join the contest. The minimum payment you need to make is ten rupees, but many other contests are going on which have an entry fee of more than that. Many users like to take risks and are willing to pay more entry fees to win more money.

Now, after you join a contest and start to play, and in case you win, you will get the money. So, you may be thinking that if they distribute all the money, they get to the winner, what is the profit they make. Now, I will like to explain this in brief with an example.

Let us suppose you pay an entry fee of 20 rupees to join the game, and the contest has a total of 30 teams playing. So, the total sum of the amount which has been received is 600 rupees. Now, what they do is they distribute 500 rupees, and the left 100 rupees is the amount they keep to themselves. This is how they make a profit and earn money. This is just an example, there are hundreds of contests going on the app, and the company can make profits of 2-3 crores per day.

This information will eventually help us in knowing the answer to how to earn money from Dream11?

Most Common Mistakes In Dream11 –

To know the right answer to how to earn money from Dream11, you need to be careful of the mistakes you make while playing the game. There are lists of some mistakes you should avoid while playing Dream11:

  • While making the team, you should be very clear about the balance. Our instincts make the team consisting of many good batters and ignore the other teammates like bowlers or wicketkeepers, which makes our team overall weak. So, it is very important to make a balanced team which will help you win.
  • You cannot choose a vice-captain and captain randomly, and this is also a common mistake we often make. We choose it randomly, and then we regret you have to be careful of choosing the correct captain and vice-captain. It is these two people who influence a lot in winning the matches.

Final Thoughts – How to Earn Money From Dream11?

How to earn money from Dream11?

It is not as easy as it looks. But once you start playing it, you will get to know the right technique to win the game. You may have to take some risks, but it will all be worth it once you win. So, I hope in my article on how to earn money from Dream11, and I could give the answer you were searching for. Cricket is a game we all love, and it is quite popular. We know every Indian player quite well. So, creating a team of good players will help you in winning the game.

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