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Due to the COVID_19 outbreak, we are forced to stay at our homes and not step outside. For our safety as well as for other’s safety, we have to stay indoors. Many of us had also come across questions such as how can I earn money from home, how to earn money without investment through mobile, how much can I make, is it possible or not?

This article will talk in detail about how you earn money without making a single investment through your smartphones. You need to be aware and hardworking enough to do tasks so that you can make money. While you are thinking of killing boredom, the internet has so much to offer you that can help you earn cash.

So, it is time you should realize the power which lies on the internet and start to take full advantage of it. As you read along in this article, you will realize that there were so many options available for you to earn money. It is just that you ignored it. If you are willing to do hard work and learn some new things you don’t understand now, you will get a good amount soon.

At the end of this article, you will have a clear vision of how you can earn money. You will get the answer to your question about how to make money without investment through mobile, and the article will solve all your related queries.

1. Be a Content Writer

How to earn money without investment through mobile

In the 21st generation, as time passes, slowly and steadily, the content is playing a pivotal role in the success of big companies. People are considering good content over anything. It is also very well quoted that content is the king in the digital era. If the company has well-published content, it will give an advantage to them.

If you are interested in writing and have good knowledge about it, you can surely give this option a try. There is absolutely no investment needed to become a content writer. Many online websites can help you in getting a job as a content writer.

One such is Internshala. All you need to do is sign-up and then search for a content writing job. You need to apply for the one you want, and if you turn out to be good at it, you can earn a good amount of money from this. If you ask me what kind of content they ask from you, it solely depends on the brand/company you are working for. It can vary from lifestyle, tourism to academic and technical writing.

This is one answer to your question on how to earn money without investment through mobile.

2. Join the Amazon Affiliate Program

How to earn money without investment through mobile

Amazon is one of the biggest and popular online shopping websites or applications. It has gained so much popularity over the years throughout the whole country. It is famously known as Apni Dukaan by the people or, to be more specific, by the advertisers. It has a comprehensive collection of almost everything starting from grocery items to apparel to electronic items. It has everything you can need to be delivered to your doorstep.

But you will be surprised to know they are still people who don’t have any knowledge about this, or they still don’t trust online things so much. By agreeing to become an amazon affiliate, you agree to promote particular products of Amazon to these people. It will help if you spread the word about the product to people you may know or the people whom you want to tell about it. If they buy the product from your link, you get monetary benefits.

The more people you convince to buy from your money, the more benefit you get. This is an outstanding job for all the home mothers or college-going students. The best part is you don’t need to make any investment for it.

3. Start a Youtube Channel

How to earn money without investment through mobile

If you don’t know what YouTube is, you must be from the stone age. Almost everyone in the digital age knows what YouTube is. It is such an excellent platform for videos related to every topic that comes to mind. YouTube is full of opportunities for everyone to benefit from it. No, I’m not talking about how you can find a video related to something and learn from it.

That is something we all know. But have you ever wondered what people who make videos with it get? Are they paid from YouTube? Yes, my friend YouTube pays everyone on YouTube, but there are certain conditions on the number of subscribers and audience views you must have on your YouTube channel. Once you have reached the particular standards set by YouTube, you are ready to make money from them. This is one of the best ways to how to earn money without investment through mobile.

You can do anything from sharing a cooking recipe to teaching students. You can also make joke videos or vlogs of daily life. You can choose the niche in which you want to work, and you must give it 100%. Once people start watching your videos and your number of subscribers increases, you will be paid a reasonable amount for it. You will start making money by running ads on his videos.

4. Online Educator

How to earn money without investment through mobile

In the era of online teaching, being an online educator can also help you in bringing cash into your pockets. If you have a piece of good knowledge about a particular subject, sometimes the experience also matters. But it doesn’t mean that if you have no experience, you cannot start as an online educator. It is just that people with expertise get some benefit out of it.

It would be best if you put in some effort and you will also be able to get paid for it. Students prefer online education more over the physical classes, firstly the prime reason being the virus spread which has led us to stay indoors. They like it more also because it is convenient and students can study at the hours they decide or at their own pace.

Depending upon your experience, your pay gets increased, So this is a good answer to how to earn money without investment through mobile.

5. Translation Online Jobs

How to earn money without investment through mobile

All of us must have taken that other language apart from our mother tongue in our school to learn and get a different kind of exposure from it. You might have thought that it may help you sometime in the future when you visit that place where that particular language is spoken. But what you have not thought is you can also use this thing to help you earn money.

Yes, many companies online need someone to translate specific texts, letters, emails, or subtitles. They pay you based on translation per word. Your salary will depend on how many words you were able to translate. Generally, many companies hire people on low wages for this work. You will be paid very little, but it solely depends on the company and your work.

You may also get hired again at the same place and paid a good amount if they like your work. Hence, your language skills can come in handy at this time. All the studying and making extra efforts on learning a new language for fun might end up giving you a decent amount. Translation jobs online can become a good side income for all college students or for anyone who has a piece of good knowledge about other languages.

So, if you know other languages apart from your mother tongue, do try this one for some money. This is only a good answer to your question of how to earn money without investment through mobile.

How can I earn money daily?

By doing any of the things mentioned above in our article on how to earn money without investment through mobile, you can make money daily. These are the most possible, easy, and practical ways which can help you to earn money daily from these techniques.

The earnings depend upon the type of job and experience you have in that particular field. If you are starting then also, you will be able to make money daily. Maybe you will be paid somewhat more minor, but you will earn some amount from it.

How much can I earn without investment through mobile?

As discussed earlier, it depends upon the type of job you will do. I will tell you in detail how much can you through each of the positions mentioned above:

Content WriterRs. 100 to Rs. 1000 (depending upon experience)
Amazon Affiliate ProgramRs. 1000 to Rs. 50000
Youtube ChannelRs. 200 to Lakhs
Online EducatorRs. 1000 to Rs. 3000 per day
TranslatorRs. 1 to Rs. 5 per word

These are the probable amounts you can get when you do such kinds of jobs. You may get paid less at the beginning but slowly as you gain experience, you will be paid decent amounts. Everything is just about patience and how much hard work you are ready to do for it.

Which is the best way to earn money?

Now, I would like to tell you about the best and easiest way to earn money online without any investment, hustle, and experience, and that is by using our website You need to follow specific steps that will eventually help you make money, browse, shop, earn, and withdraw.

First of all, browse and join Cashjosh. Earn thousands of coupons through it. Then create a link and shop from it, share it with your friends and family, and tell them to shop through your link. After purchase, the Cashjosh team will track your transaction, and cashback will be credited to your account. Withdraw the money, and it’s yours.

So, isn’t it the easiest way to make money? So, give it a try, and you will know how easy it is to make money. It is the most straightforward answer to our question of how to earn money without investment through mobile.

Final Thoughts – How to earn money without investment through mobile?

At the end of our article on how to earn money without investment through mobile, I will tell you that making money and becoming financially independent is what we all dream of. It is straightforward now. All you need to do is be aware and ready to take any opportunity coming your way. Earning money is not a difficult task then.

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