How To Use Oyo Money In Oyo App?

In this article, we are going to talk about how to use Oyo money in Oyo app. I will tell you everything you need to know about this particular topic. Read the article till the end to understand every detail of it. Oyo, in today’s time, is one of the largest private hotel chains present in India.

A young entrepreneur, Ritesh Agarwal, founded this app just a few years ago, and in no time, it became popular amongst everyone. It has made the whole process of booking hotel rooms much easier as compared to before. Many people who use this app don’t know anything about Oyo money and use it on the Oyo app or website. So, in this article, I will tell you how to do it in elementary language.

Read the full article to know how to use Oyo money in Oyo App.

What is Oyo Money?

How To Use Oyo Money In Oyo App
How To Use Oyo Money In Oyo App

Oyo Money is virtual money that you can use only for booking rooms on the Oyo App. You can use Oyo money only on the Oyo app. If you want to check how much Oyo money you currently own, you can do it by going on the profile tab on your app or website. Once you go there, you can check how much balance do you owe in your account.

These are how you can earn Oyo money from the app:

  1. The money you get in promotion while signing up for any offer you get on the app that is initially sent to you in Oyo money. Whenever you sign up for a request, you get Oyo money on the app.
  2. You can also receive it in the condition of a refund. Whenever you apply for a refund on the app under any circumstances, you are given the option to choose between money or Oyo money. You are the one to choose.
  3. You can also get Oyo money by using coupons provided on the app. So, it is a straightforward process.

How To Use Oyo Money In Oyo App :

The first thing you need to understand before coming to an answer on how to use Oyo money in Oyo app is that this virtual currency depends on the city and property where you want to use it. The money is the place and city-specific. So, it is quite possible that it may not work in some homes or properties. It may not apply to every area you want to use it.

The second thing you need to keep in mind is you can only use only 10 to 30 percent of Oyo money from your wallet. You cannot use all the Oyo money for one booking. For example, if you 2000 in your wallet, you want to book one room for 2200 rupees. The maximum you can use is 220 to 660 rupees from your Oyo wallet, which stores all your Oyo money in it.

So, these are two appropriate ways to use your Oyo Money.

You can only use it in the Oyo app for room bookings and other related services. Oyo Money is an excellent option to consider if you make bookings of the room frequently from the application.

How Do I Use Oyo Money For Hotel Reservations?

How To Use Oyo Money In Oyo App
How To Use Oyo Money In Oyo App

Whenever we go on the Oyo app for hotel reservations, when the payment window opens up, you will get an option of paying it with Oyo money. It depends on the hotel how much off you will get while paying the total amount. If you are booking a hotel room for, say, 1000 rupees and due to Oyo money, you will get a 25% off, so you will get to pay only 750 rupees. The Oyo app will deduct the remaining 250 from your Oyo money due to the offer.

So, you can use Oyo money for hotel reservations by selecting the option in the payment window. If you have that amount of money that is asked presently in your Oyo wallet, then the amount will automatically be deducted from your Oyo wallet.

Does Oyo refund money?

How To Use Oyo Money In Oyo App

Yes, if you have to apply for a refund from Oyo under any circumstances, Oyo will refund all your money after a bit of deduction to you. The applicable refund will be credited to your account after 7-14 working days. You can get the Oyo money credited as a refund instantly in your account. The cancellation depends upon cancellation time and how many rooms you are booking.

Till 9:00 am on the check-in dateFree Cancellation
After 9:00 am on the check-in dateOne night’s booking amount
Cancellation TimeAmount
More than 30 daysFree Cancellation
Between 16 to 30 days of check-in date12.5% of the total booking amount
Less than 15 days from the check-in date25% of the total booking amount

What is the benefit of Oyo rooms?

Traveling is something which is commonly everyone’s favorite. You will agree with me when I say we all love traveling. But we all some or the other way know that it also requires a lot amount of money and we have to balance our travel-budgets and our travel plans together to enjoy our traveling dreams.

Oyo provides us with the option of traveling and getting rooms at a low affordable price with all the basic facilities. The basic facilities include wifi, clean linens, breakfast, AC, and hot showers. We need to have all these needs fulfilled even if we want to continue on a low budget, and Oyo does that. You get all these things at a very reasonable price.

The owners of the hotel are obliged to give their customers a good service. This is so because the customer will only come back to your place if they like your services, so the hotel owners try to do their best to provide the customers with good services and make a repeat purchase. Now, you know the benefits of Oyo rooms and how to use Oyo money in the Oyo App.

How can I get free Oyo money?

Many offers are going on the Oyo app or website, which can eventually help you earn money. It is there for both new and existing users. The easiest of them is using referral codes. You can refer the app to your friends and family and can earn Oyo money from it. So, referrals can be instrumental in helping you get free Oyo money.

There are other offers also going on the website or app from where you can get money. You need to be aware and keep checking for the free Oyo money on it. Offers are going on the app the whole year. There are many ways to make free Oyo money, and then you know how to use Oyo money in Oyo App so that you can take full advantage of it.

Final Thoughts | How to use Oyo money in Oyo App? |

If you read the full article thoroughly, the article must have solved all your doubts and queries regarding how to use Oyo money in Oyo app. It is a straightforward process throughout, and you can easily take advantage of the Oyo money to help you get some discount on your bookings.

The Oyo money can come in handy when you are booking rooms, and you can get a discount of 10 to 30 percent on each booking which is a terrific deal to make. There is no fraud or insecurity about this Oyo money, so you don’t need to have any second thoughts around it. Do try out the Oyo money and share your experiences with us!

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