Lakme Vs Maybelline | The Major Competing Brands

Lakme Vs Maybelline

Lakme Vs Maybelline

To find out which one among them is better, let us look at Lakme Vs Maybelline to have an idea of their positions in the market. The hustle and bustle of everyday life reduce the amount of time you spend raising yourself from the inside out. We take care of the essentials of the body to live a long, happy and healthy life.

Even though makeup is an art and you want to be picture-perfect for every occasion, we understand that you are worried about your skin too.

Chemicals in most cosmetic products damage the skin. So, how can you select the brand which makes you flawless and does not harm your skin? Let’s find out if there is a countermeasure for your worries.

In India, Maybelline and Lakme are the major competing brands. The two brands have consistently scored equal in their products, price range, or even marketing campaigns and strategies. You may have found that Lakme products cost a little extra buck than Maybelline,

but still, you might have experimented with both the brands to find out which one goes best with your taste and need.

About Lakme –

Lakme Vs Maybelline

Originated in 1952, Lakme is an Indian cosmetic brand with a fast-growing fanbase. Anil Chopra, the CEO of Unilever, owns the gorgeous brand. Lakme has more than 1500 salons across the country. The Brand Trust Report has rewarded Lakme as the 47th trusted brand in cosmetics. 

Products From Lake

Lakme Vs Maybelline
  1. Face: Perfect Radiance Compact, Flawless Matte Complexion Compact, 9 to 5 flawless MakeupMakeup, etc.
  2. Lips: Lakme Lip Love, 9 to 5 Lipstick, Lip Gloss, etc.
  3. Eyes: 9 to 5 Intense Shine Eyeliner, 9 to 5 Volume Mascara, Lash Artist, Kajal, etc.
  4. Nails: Lakme True Wear Color Crush, Nail color, remover, etc.

About Maybelline

Lakme Vs Maybelline

T. L. William’s started a mission to establish the Maybelline’s basis for the best beauty and cosmetic products in 1915. In 1996, L’Oreal USA acquired the company, and from then on, the company’s progress is unmatchable. 

Product From Maybelline

Lakme Vs Maybelline

Maybelline has a wide range of lipsticks, face makeup, nail enamel, and eye products. The products are cheap when compared to Lakme and have excellent packaging.

You can find Maybelline at New U, Shoppers Stop, Westside, Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, etc. It is in almost 1000 stores across the country.  

Hush Talk From The Lakme Fashion Week

Lakme India Fashion Week is India’s largest fashion event. When it comes to makeup brands, a conversation about Lakme cannot be complete without mentioning one of their top rivals, Maybelline. So, we analyzed Lakme and Maybelline social media statistics over the past six months to see which warfare of the two beauty giants is winning.

Product similarity

Lakme Vs Maybelline

You will find a lot of product similarities in Lakme Vs Maybelline. For example, if you want smudge-free everyday kajal, you have The Maybelline Colossal Kajal and Lakme Iconic Kajal. They are just perfect for everyday use. They are affordable and do not get dark and dirty. 

The difference lies in the fact that Iconic Kajal has various color options, whereas Colossal Kajal adheres to black for you to choose a brighter and darker shade of black. 

Brand Ambassadors

Collaboration with new-age celebrities is a brilliant idea to promote famous brands like Lakme Vs Maybelline. The new and young Alia Bhatt presented the latest campaign for Lakme. The brand ambassadors are Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Raima Sen. Cute, and the famous Shraddha Kapoor, represented Maybelline.

From the latest campaign on lip balms, it is evident that the vibrant colors of lip balms create a new-generation vibe among youngsters. Maybelline Baby Lips adds impressive color to your lips but can not be recommended for gentle lip care, while Lakme Lip Love indeed does the job. The lustrous look of the lips is a bonus on that. 


Hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental stores, etc., keep both Lakme and Maybelline products. Multiple store brand retailers like Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, and Central always position Lakme Vs Maybelline counters next to each other. There are ample options of availability of both the brands in various stores and outlets. 

However, do not get confused by trying out similar products from both brands. Know your skin type and then proceed to buy them. You may like Maybelline Colossal Kajal and Lakme Lip Love at the same time. Do not think and grab them now!


In the race of Lakme Vs. Maybelline, Lakme ranks 47th as the most trusted brand, awarded by the Brand Trust Report. Even though Maybelline has not earned any safety certificate yet, it is in the race with significant beauty brands purely based on the quality of its products.

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Is there any discount on Lakme products?

Lakme is a great beauty brand. When you visit their site, you will love many of their products for their vibrant shades. However, there are times when it is difficult to buy all these items from MRP. So we have discount coupons exclusively for you not to overthink and shop more and more.

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How to avail cashback on Lakme cosmetics?

After a successful purchase of desired items, our team will follow up the customer’s transaction within 6 hours to begin the process of obtaining a discount on the item ordered. Contracts selected before purchase will be refunded to your registered bank account. It will be credited to your bank account 90 days after the date of purchase. 

To access the store and redeem your refund, click on ‘Activate Cashback. Buy what you need and use a promo code when available. You can get quick cash back on your account. If payment is confirmed, it will be transferred directly to your bank account.

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You can not claim cashback if you make multiple purchases, return or cancel all transactions, or pay through a third-party service like Amazon Pay, PayPal, ChasePay, or other service providers.

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FAQ’s – Lakme Vs Maybelline

  1. Lakme Vs Maybelline – Which brand is better?

A: In the race of Lakme Vs Maybelline, no admirer can talk only about Lakme without mentioning one of its top rivals, Maybelline. Maybelline has its success in targeting teenagers, lowering the cost of its products. But for sure, Lakme has a higher fanbase than Maybelline. 

  1. How is Maybelline different from Lakme?

A: Both Maybelline and Lakme are providers of face, eyes, lips and nails cosmetics. Unlike Maybelline, Lake secures a rank of 47 by the Brand Trust Report. 

  1. Why are Lakme products pricier than Maybelline?

A: Lakme has been announced as the best makeup brand in India. Brand Trust Report ranks it 47th. One can rely on Lakme products without any doubt. 

  1. How can I get a discount on Lakme cosmetics?

A: Lakme is a great beauty brand. When you visit their website, you will fall in love with many of their products because of their vibrant colors and varied attractive options. However, it is sometimes difficult to buy all these items as they are very pricey. Don’t worry, as we have exclusive coupons for you to shop as much as you want. 

  1. How much cashback can I avail myself of on the products of Lakme Vs Maybelline?

A: When you buy Lakme cosmetics from our website, you can receive up to 5.6% cashback. This will give you the option to purchase anything you want at your favorite Lakme store for a fraction of the actual price. To avail of the cashback, it is mandatory to note that you should not pay through third parties like Amazon or ChasePay, or PayPal.

Conclusion – Lakme Vs Maybelline

Both Lakme and Maybelline are well-known brands for their products on beauty and makeup. They manufacture cosmetic products for eyes, face, lips, and nails. Lakme is the all-time favorite brand of Indian customers. It ranks 47th by the Brand Trust Report. On the other hand, Maybelline is affordable and targets the teenage audience, ensuring glamorous variety at reduced prices. After the Lakme fashion week event, it is undoubtedly Lakme that stands out.

While shopping from our website, you may find various discount coupons, promotions, and offers for cashback on Lakme Vs Maybelline products. Also, you can make handsome money online by creating your link from our website. Using our website, you may get fabulous but over-pricey Lakme items at a significantly lower price than they would otherwise be. You can earn a fair amount of cash every month by the links you created and shared in your social media circle. Try out this strategy, and you will be amazed by unlimited cash in-flow.

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