Netmeds Vs PharmEasy | Which Pharmacy Is Better?

Netmeds Vs PharmEasy

We all face stress, anxiety, and depression because of our lifestyle these days. There are diseases that we cannot even track of sometimes. To lead a healthy lifestyle, we must take drugs prescribed by doctors and keep ourselves healthy. But what options do we have to have these drugs from? Which pharmacies can we rely on? To find answers to these essential questions, we have surveyed two major pharmaceutical companies.

When it comes to pharmaceuticals and prescribed drugs, both Netmeds and Pharmeasy are significant competitors in the pharma companies. Both these pharmaceutical companies engage in a variety of connections and partnerships with influencers and celebrities. But to find out which one is better, let us compare Netmeds Vs PharmEasy to give you a summary of their competition in the market.

About Netmeds

Netmeds Vs PharmEasy

Netmeds is a pharmaceutical company based in Chennai, and it is an online pharmacy. Pradeep Dadha and Bruce Schwack together founded this company in 2015. The big goal of this company is to make it easy for customers to order medicines online and use the same online platform to deliver prescriptions by email. It also seems to provide drugs that do not have medications. According to sources, Netmeds has quickly become one of the most trustworthy companies in the pharmacy sector. The company recently got access to the Pluss app, a Delhi-based drug delivery application launched in 2015. 

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About Pharmacy

Netmeds Vs PharmEasy

PharmEasy is a pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai which provides drug delivery and home diagnostic testing centres in about 700 cities in India. This is one of the most funded Indian health-tech startups with $294.7 million. The company was co-founded by Dr DhavalShah and DharmilSheth 5 years ago. Now the company’s total worth is 700 million dollars. According to various statistics, PharmEasy is soon getting people’s attention in the pharmacy sector.

Why should you choose PharmEasy?

Netmeds Vs PharmEasy
Netmeds Vs PharmEasy

PharmEasy is a well-known name in the online buying of over the counter (OTC) and healthcare products and other daily necessities. It allows you to order medications online. Purchasing the healthcare items you require will no longer break the bank.

  1. Devices: Oximeter, Thermometer, Inhaler, Blood pressure monitor, Glucometer.
  2. Personal care products: Bath products, Skincare essentials, Razor blades, Toothpaste and toothbrush, Wet wipes, Lip balm, Face masks, Hand sanitiser, etc.
  3. Fitness & Nutrition: To back up your health, you can order a wide variety of health supplements like Health drinks, Nutritional powder, Nutrition tablets/capsules.
  4. Ayurveda does: The goodness of natural and organic ayurvedic products are also available at PharmEasy for a healthy mind and sound body. You can pick Aloe vera juice, Moringa capsules, Garlic capsules from their stores.
  5. Daily essentials: Home care products like disinfectant sprays, phenyl, dishwashing liquid, etc., are available on PharmEasy.
  6. For babies and moms: Diapers, Baby bath products, Infant formula food, Mother’s health drinks, Diaper rash creams, baby wipes, etc.
  7. Top brands at PharmEasy: Accu-chek, Dettol, Horlicks, Baidyanath, Sebamed.

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Why should you choose Netmeds?

Netmeds Vs PharmEasy
Netmeds Vs PharmEasy

At Needs, they make a comprehensive range of prescription drugs and other health goods easily accessible across India. Even second and third-tier cities and remote communities can obtain the latest medications.

  1. Convenience: It’s preferable not to run out of crucial medicines because taking them regularly is essential for controlling chronic medical issues. You can order online and get them delivered to you without leaving your home. With simple access to authoritative drug information, you may learn everything you need to know about your medicine from Netmeds. Also, you will receive regular refill reminders, ensuring that you never run out of treatment again.
  2. One-stop Shop: Netmeds offer a wide range of OTC products, including wellness products, vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, herbal products, pain relievers, diabetic care kits, baby/mother care products, beauty care products, and surgical supplies, etc.
  3. Trust: It builds on a 100-year track record of achievement in the pharmaceutical business, dedicated to providing medicines that are safe, dependable, and economical. They offer a great online purchasing experience, complete with easy navigation and transactional security.
  4. Categories: Netmeds offers you various options to shop from categories like Ayush, hair, skin and body care, diabetic care, treatments, etc.
  5. Health concerns: You can also visit this on Netmeds if you have issues with kidney, liver, stomach, lung, piles, obesity, arthritis, or even normal cough and fever. 

Is there any discount on PharmEasy and Netmeds medicines?

Both Netmeds and PharmEasy are competing pharmaceutical companies. When you browse their website, you will see that many of their items appeal to you because of their versatile medicine stocks, wherein you can find almost all the drugs your need. However, getting all of those things at their price can be challenging. As a result, we have discount coupons that may pique your interest and prompt you to make a purchase.

If you are new to our website, please register and sign in to utilise the available coupons. This will be a one-time procedure. You’ll get access to our website’s unique discounts, promotions, and coupons once you become a member. Go to our website now and select the appropriate link. This gives you the freedom to choose and purchase whatever you want from your favourite Netmeds and PharmEasy stores, that too at a flattering price.

Want to earn cashback on PharmEasy and Netmeds products?

Our team follows up on your transaction within 6 hours of your successful purchase of the goods you choose and begins the process of securing a discount for the product you bought. The agreement you select before purchasing will be reimbursed to your designated bank account. After 90 days from the date of purchase, your bank account will be credited with actual cashback money.

Click “Activate Cashback” to go to the retailer and use the refund. If a coupon code is available, shop for what you want and then use it. Cashback will be deposited into your account as soon as possible. If your payment is approved, money will be deposited straight into your bank account.

If you shop on our website, first-time users can get up to Rs 209.60, while frequent users can get up to Rs 41.60 shopping from Netmeds. To ensure that your return is triumphant:

  1. Complete your transaction on the open tab.
  2. Return to our website and try again if the payment process fails. If the problem persists, try clicking the cashback link again.
  3. For further information, read the terms and conditions carefully before you shop. You can make a refund request on our website if you followed all of the steps correctly but still did not receive a refund.

Please note that you can not claim cashback if you make multiple purchases at once, return or cancel all your transactions, or pay through third parties like Amazon Pay, PayPal, ChasePay, etc.

How can your links make you rich?

While shopping on our website, you can earn money. All you have to do is choose the Netmeds store and then the best deal or offer page link to create a connection. Once you’ve made your link, please share it with your social network groups, such as friends, family, and relatives, using simple sharing options.

Persuade anyone in your circle or other customers to use your links to shop to obtain the best deals and discounts. If someone in your group buys medicines from the Netmeds store using your link, you’ll get the most cashback. Money is deposited into your bank account directly. Is there a more accessible approach to making money?

FAQ’s – Netmeds Vs PharmEasy 

  1. Netmeds Vs PharmEasy – Which pharmacy is better?

A: Both the pharmaceutical companies are competing well in the market. It is challenging to state which is better than which one. However, Netmeds has been standing out in the last few months.

  1. How is PharmEasy different from Netmeds?

A: After several months of speculation, Reliance Retail officially announced the acquisition of Netmeds, and PharmaEasy and MedLife were lead startups ahead of the merger. Reliance Retail has acquired Netmeds in exchange for Rs 620 million in cash. The five-year-old startup has so far attracted $ 100 million worth of investment.

  1. How can I get a discount on Netmeds or PharmEasy medicines?

A: If you are a member, you can log in directly on our website. Otherwise, sign up for getting unlimited offers, deal coupons. Next, please choose the right coupon for you by clicking on the link on our website. This will give you the option to buy anything you want at your favourite Netmeds pharmaceutical companies for a fraction of the actual price.

  1. How much cashback can I avail myself of on the medicines of Netmeds or PharmEasy?

A: When you choose our website for shopping, you can get cashback up to 3.36%, around Rs 209.60, if you are a first-time user. For a frequent user, the cashback money varies. One can get up to 1.68%, around Rs 41.60, on choosing the Netmeds store for shopping from our website. To avail of the cashback, make sure that you should not pay through third parties like Amazon Pay, PayPal, ChasePay, etc.

Conclusion: Netmeds Vs PharmEasy 

Netmeds and PharmEasy are both well-known drug-selling companies. They produce medicines or drugs that include wellness items, vitamins, diet supplements, exercise supplements, herbal products, pain relievers, diabetes care kits, surgical supplies, and many other OTC products are available. You may buy almost anything linked to health care in these stores. It is thus difficult to say which is superior to the other. However, Netmeds has been a standout recently.

On our website, you’ll find a range of Netmeds Vs PharmEasy discount coupons, promos, and cashback offers. You can also earn money online by creating your link from our site. You may acquire Netmeds and PharmEasy high-quality merchandise at a far lesser price on our website than you would otherwise. Without putting forth a lot of effort, you can make a significant amount of money every month. So give this method a shot right now, and you’ll be astonished at how easy it was.

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