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A brand is a signature of the company. A company becomes a brand when people rely on their quality and consecutively good performances to meet its demand. A company builds trust when it becomes a brand. That is why, when we go shopping, we look for famous brands, brands that have gained the confidence of the majority of the people, sustained competition over the years, and survived to lock their best position in the market. 

Among the top brands, the most enquired ones are NIKE and PUMA. Both are top-quality brands that people put their faith in as they have never failed to meet the demands of their customers. But to find out which one is better, let us compare PUMA Vs. NIKE to give you a summary of their popularity.

About PUMA


Puma was established in 1948, a German multinational apparel and clothing brand that caters to men and women. They are entirely trendy and hence exceptionally well known among the youngsters. The brand has effectively consolidated games and style in their assortments and accordingly gained critical headway in the opposition with different brands. They occupy a great spot in the business. The company is engaged in the vision of designing and manufacturing sports, athletic and casual wear along with the associated accessories. The current market capitalization of Puma is approximately 18.09 billion US dollars.

About NIKE


Nike is an American brand notable for creating top-notch design, manufacture, and sales of sports apparel, footwear equipment, and accessories and is one of the largest global suppliers. Their products are known to be robust, sturdy, and yet comfy and durable. It is one of its kind in styling and pattern that intrigues everybody. Its agreeable and adaptable shoes caress your feet and present to you a phenomenal strolling experience. The current market capitalization of Nike is roughly 30.44 billion US dollars. 


  1. Collection:

Puma has a fantastic assortment. Nike is known for making the most extraordinary shoes, and its collection is tremendous, which beats Puma.

  1. Pricing:

Puma is known to have a sensible cost for its quality shoes. Nike is, however, extravagant and individuals regularly complain that it is more costly than the worth. 

  1. Offers and promotions:

Puma is renowned for giving promotions and huge discounts on its products. and advancements. So commoners, mostly the youngsters, are its principal buyers. They choose Puma in the battle of Puma Vs. Nike. While Nike gives only military discount rates.

  1. Variety in products:

One can get any shoes in Nike; it offers a wide range of shoes to address your issues and prerequisites. The brand’s collection won’t neglect to hold onto your amazement. Puma, despite having an enormous pool, fails to bring to the table as much as Nike. 

  1. Fashion and style:

Nike shoes and tracksuits are best for sports. However, Puma denotes its uniqueness by mixing sports and design. The tracksuits and shoes of Puma are comfortable and chic at the same time.

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  1. Ranking and popularity:

The world’s largest sportswear company is awarded to Nike. Puma lags in the race and ranks third. Not bad a rank, but Nike scores better than Puma in terms of its quality and popularity. 

Which one will you choose – Working at Puma Vs Nike?

If you want to join Puma or Nike or are already an employee of either of the companies, these statistics may help you determine your position in Puma Vs. Nike beholders.

  1. CEO Rating:

At Nike, employees have rated CEO 1% more than Puma. The sales department has given the highest rating to the CEO in Puma. However, the difference is not very huge. 

  1. Gender and Diversity Rating:

In both these cases, Nike wins by about 12% from Puma. The sales department has given the highest rating to the Gender rating in Puma, while the HR department has given the highest rating to the diversity rating in Nike.

  1. Employee Benefits Rating:

Employees at Nike have nodded for 14% more satisfactory terms when compared with Puma. The business development and Finance departments rate their experience as the highest. Again Nike is the winner in the race of Puma Vs. Nike.

  1. Work culture Rating:

The overall work culture at Nike gains 6% positive results over Puma. The Sales and Communication departments gave the highest rating.

  1. Professional development Rating:

Nike offers the best chance to its employees for more opportunities and better professional development experience than Puma. HR and design departments claim their expertise to rank the highest in this case.

Is there any discount on Puma or Nike products?

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How to avail cashback on Nike and Puma products?


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  1. Puma Vs. Nike – Which brand is better?

A: Puma is a German company while Nike is an American brand. Nike is the world’s largest sportswear company with a massive collection of apparel. While Puma is the third-largest company, mostly liked by the youngsters for its fashionable items, which offer many offers and promotions.

  1. How is Puma different from Nike?

A: Unlike Nike, Puma fails to provide innovation and defining quality and design in its products. The current market capitalization of Puma is approximately 18.09 billion US dollars, while the same for Nike is 30.44 billion US dollars.

  1. Which company is better for employees – Puma or Nike?

A: According to the statistics, employees working at Nike have given an overall high rating based on their experience in work culture, personal development status, perks, and benefits, etc. Puma is considerably less favourable according to its employees when compared with Nike.

  1. How can I get a discount on Puma or Nike products?

A: If this is your first time using our website, please sign up and register to use the coupon. This is a one-time process. You can log in directly from the next time. Upon becoming a member of our website, you will find unlimited offers, deal coupons. Please choose the right person for you now by clicking on the link on our website. This will give you the option to buy anything you want at your favourite Puma or Nike stores for a fraction of the actual price.

  1. How much cashback can I avail myself of on the products of Puma and Nike?

A: When you choose our website for shopping, you can avail yourself up to 4.56% cashback on all the products of Puma. Similarly, all the effects of Nike can give you a real cashback up to 4.57%. But to avail of the cashback, you should not pay through third parties like Amazon Pay, PayPal, ChasePay, etc.

Conclusion : PUMA Vs NIKE

Puma and Nike are well-known brands for their sportswear apparel. Both are top-quality brands that people put their faith in as they have never failed to meet the demands of their customers. To compare which brand is better – Puma Vs Nike – you can seek answers from our research piece. Nike has positioned itself to be the largest sportswear company while Puma ranks third. Nike provides innovation in its design and style, while Puma offers discounts and promotions to its customers, attracting the youngsters. Employees working at Nike have a more promising approach towards the company than employees working at Puma. Thus, we can say that the overall performance of Nike scores better than that of Puma.

On our website, you can avail of many discount coupons, deals, and offers to avail cashback on the purchase of the products of Puma and Nike. Also, there is an option to earn money online by creating your link from our website. This way, you can use the excellent quality products of the big brands like Puma and Nike at a much lesser price than they are, using our website. You can make a fair amount of money every month, and for this, you do not need excessive diligence. So try this method today, and you will be amazed at how easy it is.

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